Learning Difficulties - Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dysgraphia

Our Structured Literacy (SL) approach to teaching has clear scope and sequence to ensure that learners are introduced to concepts in a logical order and that the learning builds on itself over time. SL at Mindfull Tutoring is based strongly around the below resources that provide the backbone of our programme.  

  • The Code, authored by Liz Kane,
  • Alpha to Omega books,
  • Agility With Sound
  • Little Learners Love Literacy decodable texts
  • Sunshine Phonics decodable texts

A number of additional resources are used when and where appropriate to aid students’ progress. All resources are in line with a clear scope and sequence.

Our Structured Literacy programme has a planned and systematic approach, it is based on explicit instruction, and provides hands-on, multi-sensory learning in order to engage learners in their programme of tutoring. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are often taught together to create multimodal lessons. 

The main aim of the Structured Literacy programme here at Mindfull Tutoring is to ensure your child can learn to read, in order to transition to reading to learn. Reading to learn means that the foundational literacy skills have been laid in order that the child may begin to independently make meaning, create meaning and think critically. Each of these reading to learn skills are required skills across all subject areas, and allow student access to the New Zealand Curriculum.

For more information on what Structured Literacy is, see:

Our team of tutors include teachers who are highly experienced in primary school education, alongside English subject specialists. Our collaborative and collegial approach to education means we have a strong team of Structured Literacy experts to support your child. Our team of specialists includes: owner Claire Howarth, Kath Feldon (early primary teacher) and Brittany Rose (secondary English teacher). All English tutors have been trained in the Science of Reading and continue to develop new way

How it works

  • A full initial assessment is necessary for all students learning to read, as it ensures that the exact decoding and encoding skills can be taught to your child.
  • There is homework to do which supports the learning that has taken place. Parents are encouraged to sit in on some or all lessons to further support their child at home.
  • Lessons at conducted at optimal learning times for your child. Learning to read and write are essential life skills which require full engagement in lessons.

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