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Personalised English, Maths,
and Science Tutoring

Services available in Hamilton, and throughout New Zealand via Zoom

Mindfull Tutoring
Personalised Maths, English, Multisensory Structured Literacy, and Science Tutoring for Years 1-13

Mindfull Tutoring is a Hamilton based company offering personalised NZ Curriculum tutoring for Years 1 - 13 in Maths, English, Multisensory Structured Literacy, and Science.

All staff have a background in education to ensure only the highest quality tutors are employed to teach your child. 


Our Mathematics tutoring enables students' to make connections within their prior learning, and use this foundational knowledge to solve increasingly complex problems. 

We cover all areas of Mathematics, and move at a pace appropriate to each individual student.


Our English tutoring assists students to decode meaning in the world through texts, and create meaning through written and oral language.

We cover all areas of English, including the study of visual texts.

Multisensory Structured Literacy

Neurodiverse and otherwise non-conventional learners are taught to read and write using the science of reading in the form of Multisensory Structured Literacy lessons.


Our Science tutoring encourages students in the construction and testing of new ideas, helping them learn to observe, investigate, and communicate scientific knowledge. 

We cover all areas of the NCEA Science curriculum and have special sessions available for keen junior learners.

Why use Mindfull Tutoring?

Why use Mindfull Tutoring?

  • Knowledgeable and experienced tutors
  • Tutoring aligned with in-school education
  • Low tutor to student ratio (two students to one tutor) or private (one on one) lessons
  • Individualised learning programme
  • 100% of the time spent with tutors 
  • Latest teaching techniques and resources

How Mindfull Tutoring Works

Intial assessment at Mindfull Tutoring

Step 1

Initial assessment for Year 1 - 8,
Year 9 - 13 align with
school course outlines

Personalised learning programmes at Mindfull Tutoring

Step 2

learning programme

In person or online lessons at Mindfull Tutoring

Step 3

Lessons provided either
in-person or online

Personalised tuition with experienced tutors

Our tutors can provide real and measurable results in your child's education. 

From children struggling at school to those looking for extension, students of all year levels will benefit from the quantum leap personalised tuition provides.

"The progress that both my children have made under Claire's guidance has been outstanding."

Anna Beveridge

Distance Learning

Lessons are offered in person at our Hamilton office in Rototuna, or anywhere in New Zealand and abroad via Zoom.

Clients love the convenience of distance learning from the comfort of their home.

Mindfull Tutoring can help

Concerned about your childs progress?

Concerned about progress?

Need support in a subject area?

Need support in a subject area?

Wondering what test results mean?

Wondering what test results mean?

Stuck on a maths problem?

Stuck on a maths problem?

COVID-19: Keeping our Staff and Students Safe

At Mindfull Tutoring we value the wellbeing of the people who come into our offices.
Working with children means working with germs, and classrooms and tutoring are places where any sickness can spread easily if we are not sensible. This means scrupulous cleaning processes. All surfaces are sanitised regularly, and tissues are supplied at tutoring stations.  At all times we ask that if a child is unwell and contagious that they stay away and get some rest. 

Important COVID-19 Health & Safety Information:

  • Lessons run for 55 minutes to minimise close contacts at lesson end and beginning times.

  • Distancing requirements are met with workspaces that allow 1 metre between students and staff at all times.

  • Masks are provided, and required.

  • Sanitiser is provided at entry, and at tutoring stations. Sanitiser is required upon entry.

  • All surfaces are cleaned by tutors between lessons in the five minute interlude.

  • Zoom lessons are provided for isolating or absent students if appropriate.

  • Staff may work from home via Zoom where Covid safety precautions apply.

We work together, staff, students, and families to keep one another healthy enough to learn.