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Owner of Mindfull Tutoring and tutor of all levels

Owner Claire Howarth is accredited with a Certificate of Associate Membership with the Australian Dyslexia Association.

This AMADA certificate is specifically accredited to those who meet all qualifications to serve as practitioners of Multisensory Structured Literacy. 

Claire Howarth

Master of Education, Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Primary), Graduate Diploma (Marketing), Bachelor of Social Science (Economics and Psychology), AMADA Certificate of Associate Membership the with Australian Dyslexia Association.

Prior to starting Mindfull Tutoring I was full time classroom teaching in state schools. During this time, I taught students from New Entrants to Year 11, held management responsibilities and continued my part-time study towards my Masters of Education, gaining this in 2014. Once I was on maternity leave with our first son, I was approached by former colleagues to tutor their children and from here my tutoring business grew and grew.

I personally have a lifelong love for learning and continue to challenge myself to learn new skills, as I believe that part of being a good teacher is understanding how people learn. I particularly enjoy seeing students grasp new concepts and come back to tutoring feeling proud of how they applied this new learning to the classroom setting, and/or achieved pleasing results in assessments and exams.  Building a positive relationship with each of my students and their families is key to the students’ tutoring successes.  It is through these positive relationships that students feel comfortable asking questions and strive to reach their full-potential. Nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing how a student has reached a personal goal, after a lot of hard work and dedication. I believe that anything is possible if you are determined to succeed and have the right people helping you along the way.

Head Teacher

Melanie Delport

Melanie Delport is a graduate of the University of the Free State in South Africa with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Teaching. She also has Graduate Certificates from Wintec in both TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages), and Information Technology in Education.
Melanie has taught Mathematics at Hamilton Christian School, Hamilton Dio for Girls’, and Hamilton Girls’, where she also taught ESOL. In addition to this, Melanie has also taught an Accounting course at the University of Waikato.
Here at Mindfull Tutoring, Melanie teaches Junior and early High School Mathematics and English.
Melanie has an excellent teaching approach that combines patience and passion, which allows students to develop a love of learning.
Her favorite thing about teaching is those ‘lightbulb moments’, where students identify and remedy the missing links in their understanding.
Melanie believes Mindfull Tutoring provides a non-threatening learning environment, where students can formulate questions without feeling under pressure. 

When she isn’t teaching, Melanie enjoys arts and crafts, sowing, and pottery, as well as staying fit and healthy by gardening and walking the dog.  

Junior English, Junior Mathematics, and MSL

Kath Feldon

Kath Feldon is a graduate of the University of Waikato with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. She has a wealth of teaching experience, having taught full-time at both Forest Lake and Waipa Primary School, as well as relief work at Ngaruawahia Primary.
Kath has also served as a specialist teacher for the New Zealand Government's ongoing resourcing scheme. This work involved bespoke sessions where Kath provided neurodivergent and second language learners assistance in reaching their educational goals.
Here at Mindfull Tutoring, Kath teaches Primary level reading, writing, spelling, Mathematics, and Multisensory Structured Literacy.
Kath specialises in building relationships with young learners and adapting to their specific requirements.
Her favourite aspect of teaching is witnessing, ‘moments of great discovery that lead to students’ academic growth and self-confidence’.
Kath believes Mindfull Tutoring provides astute initial assessments, and evaluates exactly what a student needs to excel in their education.   

When she’s not busy at work, Kath enjoys all things photography. She’s also a keen chef and is known for her work in the kitchen. 

Junior and Senior English

Carol Jarman

Carol Jarman is a Master's graduate from the University of Waikato with an advanced degree in History. She also has two Graduate Diplomas, one in Education, and another in Information Technologies with an emphasis on Librarianship.
She has been involved in education since 1980, having taught History at Hamilton Girls’, where she was also the Teacher Librarian.
She has been employed by the University of Auckland in the Secondary Student Achievement Contract, where she oversaw the professional development of NCEA teachers in the Central North Island area.
Carol has worked for the Ministry of Education, writing achievement standards for NZQA, and as part of Te Kete Ipurangi, a group which designed the teaching and learning guide for Social Science.   
In 2006 Carol was awarded the Royal Society of New Zealand Teaching Fellowship, where she worked on a social history project. 
Here at Mindfull Tutoring, Carol teaches reading, writing, and spelling at an upper Primary level. She also teaches High School English, including NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3.   
Carol draws upon a wide base of knowledge; her familiarity with all areas of education allows her to ensure students achieve their best results.
She believes Mindfull Tutoring to be incredibly effective as the personalised lesson model accommodates student needs.
Her favourite aspect of teaching is seeing students excel in both critical and creative writing.

When she isn’t teaching, Carol enjoys world cinema, literature, travel, and food.

Junior English, Mathematics, and MSL

Alice Cook 

Alice Cook is a graduate of the University of Canterbury with a Graduate Diploma in Teaching, She has also received a Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Leisure from the University of Waikato. Additionally, Alice completed the Incredible Years programme.
Alice has taught primary learners at Parawai School, where she currently serves as the curriculum release teacher.
Here at Mindfull Tutoring, Alice teaches Multi-Structured Literacy, as well as Junior English and Mathematics. 
Alice excels at approaching student learning using a variety of methodologies. She believes patience and the development of a positive relationship to be key in maximising student growth. 
Her favourite aspect of teaching is helping students build a sense of confidence. 
Alice believes Mindfull Tutoring provides learners an environment where they can work at their own pace; substituting the sense of competition between peers with healthy competition with oneself. 

Outside of Mindfull Tutoring, Alice enjoys all things outdoors. She is a keen football player, and often works on a dairy farm.

Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics

Swathi Rangarajan

Swathi Rangarajan is a graduate of Waikato University with a PhD in Education. In addition to this, she also holds numerous qualifications in other subjects which she received both here and abroad, including a Bachelors degree in Engineering.
In New Zealand, Swathi has worked with tertiary students in academic support, supported pre-service teachers in Maths and Technology Education, and worked as a research assistant in Education.
Here at Mindfull Tutoring, Swathi teaches Junior and Senior Mathematics, as well as Chemistry and Physics.
As a teacher, Swathi has a plethora of expertise regarding teaching methods; she is able to employ dialogue based teaching strategies in order to ensure a student’s voice is not lost in the learning process. 
Swathi has a deep love of teaching, her favourite aspect is interacting with young people, understanding how they think, and assisting in the development of their minds. 
Swathi believes that Mindfull Tutoring provides an environment in which individual students are able to get the level of attention they require; every student has different needs and personalised teaching can make an enormous difference. 

Outside of Mindfull Tutoring, Swathi describes herself as a ‘serial hobbyist’ (someone whose hobby is the acquisition of new hobbies). She also enjoys reading.

Junior and Senior Mathematics

Sajeela Ali

Degree in Applied Mathematics, Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary), Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics Education

I hold a degree in Applied Mathematics from US Presbyterian Forman Christian College in Lahore.  Along with a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) from Auckland University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education from Massey University. I have taught both in New Zealand and at international schools. I bring with me a strong understanding of mathematics education and a passion to see children succeed. When working with students, it is important to me that I discover what prior understanding they bring with them to ensure that new learning builds on these foundation blocks. I look forward working with your child/children to help them love and understand mathematics.

Junior and Senior English

Liam Hinton

Liam Hinton is a Master’s graduate from the University of Waikato with an advanced degree in Professional Writing. He also holds a Bachelor's Degree, double majoring in English and Theatre.
His teaching experience includes assisting as an undergraduate tutor for several English courses at the University of Waikato.
The teaching ranged from 100-300 level and included essay work, reading comprehension, referencing styles, research skills, textual analysis, advanced study techniques, as well as persuasive, creative, and seminar writing.
Here at Mindfull Tutoring, Liam teaches reading, writing, and spelling at an upper Primary level. He also teaches High School English, including NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3.
Liam is an experienced essay writer, with reviews published in Poetry New Zealand. He specialises in teaching formal essay structure and ensuring students are prepared for exam settings. 
Liam’s favourite aspect of teaching is expanding students' social, historical, and philosophical understandings of the world through literature.
He believes Mindfull Tutoring provides an excellent model, allowing students to both excel where they are strongest, and improve in areas where they are struggling. 

Outside of Mindfull Tutoring, Liam is a published poet and runs a local theatre company.

Junior English, Junior Mathematics, and MSL

Linda Watling

Linda Watling is a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington with a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching.
Linda has taught at schools in South Africa and New Zealand, including Moaat Girls’ High, Balmoral Primary, Tainui Intermediate, Whakamaru Primary, Morrinsville Primary, Horsham Downs Primary, and Fairfield Intermediate. She has also lectured at Edgewood College of Education.
Here at Mindfull Tutoring, Linda teaches reading, writing, spelling, Primary Mathematics, and Multisensory Structured Literacy.
Linda specialises in making connections with students, parents, and the larger community. She has great organisational skills and is passionate about education.
Her favorite aspect of teaching is assisting in students' intellectual development. She enjoys helping them achieve their goals.
Linda believes that Mindfull Tutoring benefits students by providing a calm and collected learning environment. Students are encouraged to ask questions they might not feel comfortable asking in a class context. 

Outside of Mindfull Tutoring, Linda enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, cricket, hockey, and arts and crafts.

Junior English, Junior Mathematics, and MSL

Jill Burns

Jill Burns has been teaching Primary School learners for over forty years. Since 1975, she has taught at the following Primary Schools: Glenholme, Murupara, Tawhiuau, Motu, Waiterimu, Kerepehi, and Reporoa. 
Here at Mindfull Tutoring, Jill teaches Primary School reading, writing, spelling, Multisensory Structured Literacy, and Mathematics. 
Given her lengthy experience as a teacher, Jill knows the importance of being prepared, but also flexible. Jill’s ability to continuously assess and adapt to the developing needs of students makes her invaluable as a tutor..
 Jill puts emphasis upon interpersonal relationships with students and parents, education is a joint venture, and Jill believes open communication allows her to best fulfill her role. 
Her favorite aspect of teaching is meeting new people and assisting them in making discoveries. 
Jill believes Mindfull Tutoring is an exceptional learning environment as it offers individualised, undisrupted teaching, where educators have access to strong resources. 

Outside of teaching, Jill maintains good health by spending time gardening, swimming, and socialising. 

Junior and Senior Science

Garry Galvez

Garry Galvez is a Doctor of Philosophy in Science and Technology Education, a degree he received from the University of Waikato. He also received a Master’s degree majoring in Chemistry Education from the University of the Philippines-Diliman.
Garry has taught general Science and Chemistry in Hamilton at Melville High School, and in the Philippines. He has also performed community work as a teacher trainer in Manila on behalf of the Foundation for Upgrading the Standard of Education.
Here at Mindfull Tutoring, Garry teaches NCEA level 3 Chemistry, level 2 Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and level 1 Science. He also teaches Junior Science, and runs our special Science club for primary learners.
Garry has an in-depth knowledge of his chosen subject, built from his many years of experience teaching students and educators
His favourite part of teaching is helping students unlock an understanding that provides them the agency needed to pursue further learning.
Garry believes Mindfull Tutoring is an excellent learning institution due to its commitment to continuous growth, developing alongside the education system, frequently updating its resources, and offering professional development and further training to its staff. 

Outside of Mindfull Tutoring, Garry enjoys reading, watching films, watercolour painting, and traveling. 

Senior Physics and Mathematics

Joseph Fournier d’Albe

Joseph Fournier d’Albe a graduate of the University of Auckland with an Honours degree in Mathematics. He also has a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Mathematics and Physics.
Joseph has taught Mathematics and Physics as an Undergraduate tutor at the University of Auckland. This included expanding upon material introduced during lectures, and providing assistance with University level assignments.
Here at Mindful Tutoring Joseph teaches Mathematics and Physics, both at an NCEA and early High School level.
Joseph is excellent at evaluating and adapting to the unique ways in which an individual student understands their given subject. This allows Joseph to work with how they work, engaging with them however is most compatible with their learning style.
Joseph’s favourite part of teaching is helping students become self-motivated and self-sufficient in their education. He finds it rewarding when students take joy in their success.
Joseph believes Mindfull Tutoring’s focus upon interpersonal connection ensures students are able to truly utilise the tutors as an educational resource.

Outside of Mindfull Tutoring, Joseph is interested in computer coding and is currently developing a 3D graphics engine that he hopes will be used for animation, video-game development, and as a learning tool. 

Junior and Senior English

Rachael Downs

Rachael Downs is a graduate of the University of Waikato with a Bachelor’s degree in primary teaching, as well as a Graduate Diploma in both English and Theatre.
Her previous teaching experience includes long term relief work at Te Wharepapa South School, Tainui Full Primary, and Pukehina Intermediate.
Here at Mindfull Tutoring, Rachael teaches Junior and Senior English. 
Rachael specializes in engaging with young students, building relationships, and fostering an interpersonal connection. This is of great benefit to a student as it cultivates academic growth through self-directed learning. 
Her favourite aspect of teaching is seeing new and complex ideas cement themselves within a student’s understanding, becoming integrated with their previous learning. 
Rachael believes that Mindfull Tutoring’s focus upon each individual student within our teaching and learning model allows for a more holistic and bespoke approach. In Rachael’s own words: ‘Student's do not become just another number.’

Outside of Mindfull Tutoring, Rachael enjoys social squash, playing ukulele and piano, and participating in community theatre.

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