Why use Mindfull Tutoring?

We teach each student to ensure their individual learning needs are met so they flourish in their chosen area of study. Lessons and progress are closely monitored to enable the best possible learning materials to be used which meet the student’s present learning needs in each and every lesson. 

Owner, Claire Howarth, has a very hands-on approach to her business and often personally checks in on students’ progress and observes them during lessons.

Mindfull Tutoring, 100% time spent with tutors

100% of time spent with tutors

All tutoring is completed alongside our experienced tutors, we do not use computer programmes to do the teaching.

Approachable tutors at Mindfull Tutoring

Approachable, quality advice

We are always happy to provide educational advice on test results, curriculum and schooling.

Individualised learning programmes at Mindfull Tutoring

​Individualised learning programme

We assess each student using NZ curriculum assessment tools to identify learning gaps and create a tailored learning programme to target these areas and extend learning.

Knowlegable and experienced tutors at Mindfull Tutoring

​Knowledgeable and experienced tutors

All tutors work in the education field, and have outstanding content knowledge. Owner, Claire Howarth, personally supports tutors and monitors lessons.

Measurable results at Mindfull Tutoring

​Real, measurable results

We have created a tailored learning programme to target areas for improvement, filling learning gaps that can go unnoticed in a classroom situation due to the sheer numbers of students and varying needs.

Low teacher and student ratios at Mindfull Tutoring

Low teacher / student ratios

We have consistent ratios of one tutor to two students. We find this extremely valuable as it allows us to constantly monitor students and capture all teachable moments. 

Private lessons are also available at all levels and for all subjects.

Aligned with in-school education at Mindfull Tutoring

​Aligned with
in-school education

We work alongside your child's classroom teacher to identify learning gaps and to reinforce and extend classroom education.

Who suits Mindfull Tutoring?

Every student will benefit from tutoring, but needs can be divided into three main categories.

Students wanting to reach their full potential

Often parents want to help their children achieve the very best results they are capable of. Tutoring extends their classroom learning, solidifies concepts and provides opportunities to further clarify new learning. 

Gifted and Talented Students

Sometimes gifted students’ learning needs are not being fully challenged in the classroom setting due to their high level of achievement or they want to spend more time extending their learning in a subject. At tutoring, students are assessed and taught to their academic age rather than their chronological age.

​Students struggling with learning

For various reasons students have missed learning opportunities and their families want help in order for them to feel confident with their learning. At tutoring the assessment will identify learning gaps and tailor the tuition programme to fill these.

“We have really appreciated the difference Mindfull Tutoring has made with our children’s learning development. Our son has just finished High School and has been attending tutoring for four years. When he started he was getting average results in English at school, whereas now he has just completed the English Scholarship exam and his L2 and L3 NCEA English results were all with Merit or Excellence. Claire runs a very professional business, always proactive and thorough.”

Jason and Donna

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