How Mindfull Tutoring Works

Initial Assessment

Each student is tested using professional New Zealand Curriculum testing tools.

The information from these tests helps to identify any gaps in your child’s learning. We then tailor lessons to meet your child’s needs and take them to the next level.

Assessments for literacy and/or mathematics cost $100 each and are required for Years 1-8 students. Specialist assessments for Multisensory Structured Literacy (MSL) cost $150 and are required for MSL lessons for neurodiverse and remedial literacy students. Senior students' lessons mirror the standards they are doing at school.  However, there can be exceptions to this. Please enquire if you are unsure.

and Contact

We maintain regular contact with families. If appropriate, our tutors will contact your child’s classroom teacher to align the learning that students are experiencing at school with tutoring lessons.

At the end of Term 1 and 3, a formal Progress Report can be requested to allow you to understand both the learning that has taken place in tutoring, future goals for your child and how you are best able to support your child’s learning at home. During other times of the year teachers are happy to provide feedback on learning via email.

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Lesson Style

Mindfull Tutoring, Paired Lessons

Paired Lessons

We pride ourselves in providing personalised tuition with low tutor to child ratios. There are two students per tutor as this allows each child to practise skills that they have been taught on an independent basis while the tutor helps the other student. Once a child has completed a task independently, the tutor checks that the student has embedded the learning to take it back into the classroom environment where they will be able to transfer the learning independently.

Mindfull Tutoring, Private Lessons

Private Lessons

These lessons are best suited to students who are experiencing difficulties with their learning. They are designed to significantly boost their achievement, through intensive, systematic and targeted intervention. Teachers work with parents to assist developing student’s skills by both addressing them in lessons, and practising them at home. In most cases they are used to accelerate a student forward, at which point they will transition to paired lessons. Lessons are available across subjects.

Mindfull Tutoring, Materials


A wide range of materials are used in mathematics to represent key concepts to the children in a visual manner. This aligns with the principles of the Numeracy Project which is the preferred method of teaching in New Zealand schools.

Mindfull Tutoring, Lesson Times

Lesson Times

Lessons are offered from Monday - Wednesday
9:00am - 7:35pm  

3:30pm - 7:35pm

 4:30pm - 6:35pm

Lessons run during state school term times. There is an optional holiday programme of classes available during one week of the school holidays.

Mindfull Tutoring, Absences


Occasionally, there are reasons why students cannot attend their lessons such as sickness, school camps and family celebrations. If the student cannot attend the lesson the first absence for the term is charged at half price.


Paired lessons cost:

$66 for Years 1-10.
$70 for Years 11-13. 

All lessons run for 55 minutes. There are two students to one tutor to ensure they are immediately available to help while avoiding the unnecessary anxiety of someone looking over their shoulder. 

Private lessons

Available for all year levels from 1-13, with one student to one tutor Lessons will be priced on request. All prices are inclusive of GST.

Private lessons are predominantly available between 9am and 3pm.

Lessons include:

  • Personalised learning advice
  • Ongoing monitoring of progress
  • Feedback and feedforward for your child
  • Access to Mindfull Tutoring’s individualised learning programmes

Our daughter was not a 'numbers person' and struggled when it came to maths and calculus as she moved through high school. Thanks to the caring support and guidance her tutor at Mindfull Tutoring provided, she performed better than she expected to on all of her assessments and ended up feeling more confident in her own abilities to not only retain the information but to apply what she was learning to real-world situations.

Jennifer Myers

Mindfull Tutoring, Term Dates

2024 Term Dates

These dates have been chosen to accommodate most school start dates in the area. Should your child's term dates fall outside of the ones stated below, and you are on family holiday, please let us know - we will be happy to arrange zoom lessons until school starts.

Term 1: Jan 31st – April 12th
Term 2: April 29th – July 5th
Term 3: July 22nd – Sep 27th
Term 4: October 14th – December 6th (Yr 9 &10) or Dec 13th (Juniors) 

NB:  Yr 11 – 13 students finish the week of their external exams in accordance to the published NCEA Exam Timetable

All term dates are subject to change due to government announcements.

Mindfull Tutoring is closed on all public holidays, there are no charges for these days.

Tutoring - in person in Hamilton or online NZ wide

Lessons are provided both in person at our Rototuna centre in Hamilton or online to any location in New Zealand or abroad.